Slave Numbers

This year someone asked me on another site we belong to whether spanked has a slave number or not?  I had indeed registered her earlier in our relationship but I knew the slave register had had some changes made to it and other research was showing it was all but dead.  With all of the moves we have had since putting her on there we had lost the number (or so we thought at the time)

So I registered her elsewhere

2018-02-13 (6)

Only not long after that I discovered as I unpacked a box an old notebook came to light and I discovered her old slave number.  Typing it into the slave register we were surprised and delighted to discover her certificate did indeed still exist so now she has 2 numbers and certificates

2018-03-02 (1)


Despite the fun year spanked and I have been having it hasn’t stopped us from deciding a few things on how our relationship should develop and in what directions it should take.  With her health problems both new and the pre-existing ones becoming worse further limiting what she can do alot of the time we needed to decide what is and isn’t possible to continue including in our sessions.  So far we have decided that we can still include what we do now but the gaps could become longer between sessions and those sessions are likely to become shorter.


Phew what a year

DSC_0011Well things have been hectic this year and there are times we have been ready to write it off altogether.  Saying that there have been some fun and interesting events.  Late last year we moved to a new home and we are still settling in but there have been a few things that have gone on to prevent a full unpack from happening.

The start of the year wasn’t a great one with spanked ending up in hospital almost as soon as the final chime to herald the New Year in with a bad case of laryngitis so it has been the worst starts to a New Year so far and we are praying it is not a trend that will continue.

During her time of treatment they discovered one tonsil was larger then the other which caused concern as there was a chance it was of a sinister nature so they advised when we got home as we were away staying with family at the time to get it looked into properly.

After alot of fighting to get listened to when we did finally get home a hospital appointment was finally got to see a specialist to have a look at her tonsil and indeed he didn’t like what he saw so it was decided it and the other one needed to come out.  We were shocked that within a week she was being wheeled into theatre as we had thought it would be a long wait.  It went well and she was sent home the same day with instructions on how to help her recovery.  Her little friend who went in with her at the top of this post seems to of been operated on as well as he certainly didn’t have a taped up paw when he went in.

But she didn’t do as she was told despite my best efforts and she had a huge set back and ended up back in hospital.  Fortunately it was only overnight and things slowly got back on track.

Now if we can just sort out my health which isn’t to good right now things will improve alot more and the final boxes and bags can be unpacked and the contents found a home or shipped out as there does seem to be alot of things we don’t need any more that have found their way here.